Food & Spirits: Old Tom Horan is Just as Good as Bushmills

I like Bushmills better than Jameson when it comes to Irish Whiskey. This scandalous notion was somewhat validated for me a few months ago when my friend who is as Irish as a shamrock agreed with me. Having seen something called Old Tom Horan being Bottle King in Middletown’s featured whiskey for what seems like forever, I decided to give it a try. The label notes sweetness and hints of toffee. Had you done a blind tasting, I am willing to bet you would declare what you just sipped to be Bushmills. But upon further review and another taste, you will find that Old Tom Horan is slightly sweeter and smoother. It is shockingly good. Coming in at $19.97, it might be $10 less than Bushmills depending on where you shop. With each sip I liked it more and more.

You can read the rest at Greg’s new food blog by clicking here.

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