Food & Spirits: Greek and More at Melody’s Cafe (Lincroft, NJ)


UPDATE: As of July 29, 2016, Melody’s has been out of business.

It is featured on Greg’s new food blog here.

Restaurant: Melody’s Cafe

Date: December 27, 2015

Location: 650 Newman Spring’s Road, Lincroft, NJ

Its a very odd combination: a Greek restaurant with a cafe atmosphere and a diner menu, yet it works. There is a page of breakfast, a page of diner classics and sandwiches, and then some of the more well-known Greek dishes. Normally, when a restaurant tries to stretch it like that it is a tell-tale sign the business is failing, but not at Melody’s. When you walk in, you immediately feel as if you are in a Greek cafe. The walls are a clean white with some blue here and there, and blue lights that run along the top of the walls highlighting the ceiling in a beautiful color. It does not feel like your typical Jersey diner at all. Judging by name only, it may catch you off guard. Then you sit at your table. Pancakes and bacon, or gyros and souvlaki? The menu really does run the gamut. Being there for lunch and not feeling too adventurous, I got the Melody’s wrap, which was stuffed with grilled chicken, bacon, ranch dressing, and cheddar cheese. It came served with fries, an apparent mayo-less coleslaw, and a pickle. It was excellent and fresh—packed with ingredients, and not soggy or falling apart either.

The other two meals at the table were also wraps: the falafel wrap and newly added corned beef wrap. All were delicious. I hardly ever get a wrap, but I saw one at a nearby table and it looked like it had a tremendous amount of filling. Before your meal comes, they even give you a complimentary plate of pita wedges and homemade tzatziki sauce. I’m usually hit or miss when it comes to the Greek classic. I’m not a fan of cucumbers or dill, and that’s what the sauce contains. However, this one was amazing. It may be the best tzatziki I’ve ever had in my life. It was rich and creamy, not bursting with dill or cucumbers, and also thanks to the addition of a surprise ingredient switch: sour cream instead of Greek yogurt. The thought is almost heretical, no? Yet this Greek restaurant decided to make the switch, so the waitress informed us. It definitely paid off.

I’m also not one to order dessert with lunch, but their baklava was just screaming my name. We got a wedge, and that too was very good. A decent amount of honey and walnuts, and a very light filo dough. My only complaint is that it came cold—it would have been much better slightly warmed. Overall, I really like this place and want to go back for dinner and try something a little more traditional for a Greek restaurant. I enjoyed what I had, but want to explore more. I may even bump the rating up a little bit after the next visit.

4 out of 5 stars.


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