Cult Classic “Don’t Go in the House” Getting Blu-Ray Release

Fans of old grindhouse cinema will be excited to learn that the cult classic exploitation horror flick Don’t Go in the House will be getting a Blu Ray release. While I do not yet have the exact date (UPDATE: they are shooting for June), I assume it will be sometime this year as work has already begun on it. I was recently contacted by a crew-member who works for the distributor and rights holder, the Seattle-based Scorpion Releasing. He asked if I would be willing to show him Strauss Mansion (the set from the movie and museum I currently work at) and also be filmed giving a tour for a “Then and Now” documentary. This will be included as a special feature on the disc. I said yes, of course, and noted to him the irony of the timing because it was just last week when I was discussing doing a similar project with our board president for the web-series I host. This, however, would be much more professional, and I am happy to be involved.

2016-01-11 20_04_55-Scorpion Releasing
The negatives of the film, which was originally titled, “The Burning”.

I am going to see what more information I can get, and if interviews with any of the original cast and crew members will be possible. All I am told now is that they have the original negatives of the film, so the HD transfer to Blu Ray will likely be the best the movie has looked since the 1980 release. You may have never heard of it, but the movie has a decent cult following in America and also in Europe. A quick scanning of social media reveals a passionate fan base is waiting for this Blu Ray. It became infamous as an exploitation horror movie due to strong scenes of violence and was actually banned in the United Kingdom upon its release. While never recognized as a great film, it has since garnered interest and another look on behalf of film scholars who recognize its importance to the evolution of horror cinema.

Whether or not I blog more about this, I do not know yet. I have offered my services to assist them in promoting the release because the exposure will be great for the museum. How awesome would a “premiere” at the house be? That’s something I would love to work on. I am very lucky to be on the board of directors, and have a chance to frequent the “set” of this film as often as I want. Once publicity gets higher for the movie, I have no doubt visits to the museum will increase. Our president recently purchased an original 1980 film poster for Don’t Go in the House which will be available for display when we reopen for the spring season in April. You can read my review of the movie with local insight and the house’s history here.

UPDATE (1/18/16): Click here for more information on the release and my involvement with the documentary.

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  1. Anna says:

    It’s a terrible film, not worthy of a VHS release, never mind DVD. A fifth rate Psycho rip off.

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