More on the “Don’t Go in the House” Blu-Ray and Documentary

A recent fan-edit of the poster. One of my favorite renditions.
A recent fan-edit of the poster. One of my favorite renditions.

Yesterday I had the chance to work with the director and editor for the Don’t Go in the House: Then and Now documentary which will be featured on the upcoming Blu Ray disc of the film. After contacting Scorpion Releasing last week, I was told that they are aiming for a June release, but that could change. Having hosted paranormal videos for different groups over the years, I am used to speaking in front of a camera. Yesterday’s experience was a little bit different though, but in a good way. To me, it was interesting seeing how shots are set-up, and how much lighting has an effect on everything. I was also mic’d for sound, which is different from how we usually record videos. While I was there to host the video and give a tour and history of Strauss Mansion, I also took it as a learning experience. I asked a lot of questions, and Andrew (who was filming) was kind enough to answer. He told me this was one of his more “fun” assignments. Being a co-producer for a paranormal web-series, I can say that we are always looking for ways to improve our content. Watching Andrew, a veteran of film-making, work yesterday really taught me a lot.

I was asked to give a history of the house and also a room-by-room tour, matching up the different rooms with how they were used in the movie. Many of the rooms look similar if not for display cases and exhibits. I know when these videos get put together, stuff gets cut. That’s just the way of the business. But if everything he filmed yesterday gets used, I can see this being a nice 20-30 minute feature. That would be incredible. I also told some ghost stories and paranormal experiences from Strauss Mansion on-camera and wonder if they will be used as well.

This has been an exciting time, and will prove to boost exposure for our museum. It’s amazing how so few people in the area or who have worked at the house talk about the movie, but there appears to be a strong cult-like following online. In turn, we will also be talking up the movie at our events. If anyone reading this would like a tour of the Don’t Go in the House set, please contact me and I would be more than happy to arrange something. Normally the museum is closed from December through March, but we can book tours by appointment. They are always free. The location is currently the headquarters of the Atlantic Highlands Historical Society. 27 Prospect Circle, Atlantic Highlands, NJ.

P.S: I am thinking of reaching out to the distributor to see if they would like to have a premiere or release event at the house in June once the Blu Ray is out. We have shown the film at Strauss Mansion in the past during our October Halloween events, and it was sold out. More importantly, if you or anyone you know was involved with the film back in 1979/1980, please contact me at We would love to hear from you. 

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