Food & Spirits: M & M Bistro (Hartford, CT)


Restaurant: M & M Bistro

Date: March 12, 2016

Location: 315 Trumbull Street, Hartford, CT

I’ve actually never eaten in a hotel restaurant before. To me, they have always been kind of “blah”. Because it was starting to get chilly out, and honestly, we were sick of walking around Hartford (Will’s fitness app has tracked us at over ten miles walking in two days), we decided to give the M & M Bistro inside the Hilton Hotel a try. While it was better than I expected, there was still something generic about the whole experience. One bit of creativity I will give them is a “Presidential Candidate Burger Challenge”, where they have a burger named for (and very loosely connected to) current candidates such as Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Ted Cruz. For example, the Sanders Burger was topped with jalapenos so you can “Feel the Bern”. The Cruz burger had Canadian bacon. The others were pushing it. In any event, we both ordered the Trump Burger (he was in first place on the leaderboard), which came topped with bacon, onion straws, lettuce, tomato, and bacon-mayo. I made sure to joke with the waitress that my choice of burger did not necessarily correlate with my own political views. She chuckled.

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