Food & Spirits: City Steam Brewery (Hartford, CT)

Irish Nachos. You know you want some.
Irish Nachos. You know you want some.

Restaurant: City Steam Brewery

Date: March 12, 2016

Location: 942 Main Street, Hartford, CT

When a place advertises that even their hamburger buns are made in-house, you know you’re probably going to get an above average dining experience. Brew-pubs are really hit or miss, at least the ones I’ve been to. There are places that just throw a menu of average food together to get you in and showcase their beers, and then there are those which truly could stand along as gourmet eateries with or without handcrafted beer. City Steam Brewery is one of those places. Will and I totally pigged out during our visit, because the menu had so many good choices. The brewery itself is located in a building from 1877. The interior is hard to describe. It does not look like a brewery. There are three floors of seating, and each floor has a different layout. Some dining areas are wide open, while others are smaller and more private. There are tiny nooks, some of which hold between only one table of two to a few tables of four. The atmosphere, which I rarely remark about, is incredible.

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