Food & Spirits: Black Eyed Sally’s (Hartford, CT)

The pickle chips and okra appetizer combo. Only $5.95 and so big we couldn't finish.
The pickle chips and okra appetizer combo. Only $5.95 and so big we couldn’t finish.

Restaurant: Black Eyed Sally’s

Date: March 13, 2016

Location: 350 Asylum Street, Hartford, CT

I walked out of Black Eyed Sally’s Sunday night very sad—sad that we didn’t find this place sooner. I’ve been to Texas twice in my travels, to Dallas and San Antonio. Add up all the meals I had in those two cities, and while I did indeed have great BBQ down there, I think what I had here may have topped it all. The building actually reminded me of something you might see in New Orleans. The theme is Cajun and soul food. The walls are colorful, almost loud with decoration. It felt like a N’awlins blues or jazz club. The bar is hip. The service was also outstanding. It’s a place Anthony Bourdain would eat at. If there was ever a reason to bring me back to Connecticut, it would be this restaurant above all else to get the job done.

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