Food & Spirits: Authentic Korean Cuisine in an Unexpected Place


Restaurant: Hmart (Food Court)

Date: March 21, 2016

Location: 1761 Route 27, Edison, NJ

In Edison lies one of the greatest stores I have ever been to. It has an unassuming name for a place where you can find thousands of items relating to Asian cookery, in regards to both food and cooking tools. I could have spent the entire afternoon browsing around. My mouth was watering. The store is called Hmart, and is the size of a Walmart. When you first walk in, you are met with a row of stores within the store itself, and then a small food court which is where Will and I ate yesterday. There was Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and more. Right behind that is the produce section, butcher, and fish market, all catered to Asian tastes. The whole store, in fact, is located in a shopping center which contains other Asian restaurants, including a Mongolian grill and Vietnamese-French bakery, which we also visited yesterday. Anyway, with so many choices, I told Will to order for me since he had been there before. He got me a soup that came served to me bubbling, and although I wasn’t crazy over it, I could appreciate how fresh and authentic it was.

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