Food & Spirits: The Unlikely and Heroic Combination of Scotch and Indian Food


When it comes to Indian restaurants in my area, they are all BYOB. When it comes to a BYOB, I’m not much of a wine guy so usually that means I end up just having water. I’m not a big fan of bringing beer to a restaurant either because it gets warm fast and I’m not the type to lug a cooler in. Readers of this blog know I like my food hot. I once ordered food in a Thai restaurant so spicy (a “4-star” according to their heat guide on the menu) that the chef came out of the kitchen to see who it was sweating and suffering over what they had just cooked. That’s also another reason why I don’t drink wine with Indian food. Again, I want my food spicy and authentic as possible. Indian restaurants vary greatly as to what they consider “hot”. Some are a bit heavy-handed while others barely come across as mild even as I beg the waiter, “Tell them to make it as hot as they can”. In doing so, this limits me to what I am bringing to a BYOB (red wine just makes it burn more), until the night I had a revelation. It was actually in a Thai restaurant when in walked a party of about six or seven Indian men. They sat down and out came two—count ’em—two bottles of Dewars 12. I could tell by the packaging. Of course, why didn’t I think of that?

Read the rest on Greg’s new food blog by clicking here.

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