Food & Spirits: Conestoga Restaurant (Lancaster, PA)

Our view of the Conestoga River.
Our view of the Conestoga River.

Restaurant: Conestoga

Date: Cumulative Visits (recently May 2, 2016)

Location: 1501 East King Street, Lancaster, PA

Here’s another place in Lancaster where I have been coming for years. I’ve always had a lukewarm approach towards it because dining experiences here have ranged from pleasant to dreadful. Last night’s visit was a hearty mix of both, leading to a score which was a little above average. We started sitting outside on the patio. It was a beautiful spring night along the Conesotoga River. I had a Jack Daniels on the rocks which was a nice pour and only $5.50, which is about as cheap as you will ever see it. Will had a frozen margarita which was long on ice and short on booze. Coming in at $8, it was a total waste. Our appetizer was the brisket fries. This was the highlight of the night. A large mound of fries was covered in brisket, barbecue sauce, baked beans, and cheddar cheese. The flavor was awesome, though they could have put a little more brisket on it. The $11 price was perfectly fine. Halfway through the dish, it started to rain and we moved inside from the beautifully lit patio.

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