Food & Spirits: Stop Putting Green Stuff on My Food

There’s no need to put parsley on a French Fries appetizer. (Conestoga Restaurant, Lancaster, PA)

We’ve all been there: the plate arrives at the table and although it probably tastes really good, it is littered with green flakes of some herb. Usually it’s parsley. Sometimes oregano or thyme. There are some occasions that call for it. At fine dining restaurants we can expect a sprig of this and a dollop of that, even if it is inedible. They want the dish to look good. We eat first with our eyes, they say. Well, I would like to challenge that. I am starting to notice that restaurants which never used to garnish with herbs are now heaping them on the plate. An herb like parsley does not have a taste or odor, so that’s not a huge problem, but I don’t want to be biting into whole leaves of it either.

Read the rest at Greg’s new food blog by clicking here.

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