Food & Spirits: Isaac’s Restaurant and Deli (Strasburg, PA)


Restaurant: Isaac’s Restaurant and Deli

Date: Cumulative Visits (most recently: May 31, 2016)

Location: 226 Gap Road, Strasburg, PA)

Oh how the mighty have fallen. This used to be my favorite restaurant as a child visitor to Lancaster County. After all, it was a fun place to be a kid. One room of Isaac’s Restaurant and Deli was designed to look like an old dining car of a train, there were fake flamingos and birds everywhere, and the place allows anyone to tap into their inner free spirit. I’m sure this still exists, even if I have matured enough to not notice it. What I do notice is that this place is so lackluster that its logo could be in the dictionary next to the definition. I started to come to this decision about a year or two ago, when there was only so much the atmosphere could do to save the food. But I wanted to bring Will to what was an integral part of my childhood vacationing in Lancaster. I was hoping it would be different. It wasn’t. It’s overrated and overpriced, and unless they are sending you home with a live flamingo, it ain’t worth it.

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