Food & Spirits: The Loving Hut (Matawan, NJ)


Restaurant: The Loving Hut

Date: June 8, 2016

Location: 952 NJ-34, Matawan, NJ

I’m a carnivore and happy about it. It was Will who wanted to give The Loving Hut, a vegan restaurant, a try. I obliged. I had been there about four years prior, right after they first opened. There was some online coupon deal and it seemed worth trying. The food was alright. The decor and service were, well, weird. There were white walls, white floors, white tables, and I remember the servers dressed in white too. I was afraid to touch anything because I thought it may have just been sterilized. It felt like a hospital. There was no one in the place, and the noise level was deathly quiet. Fumes from the tobacco shop next door seeped through the walls. Even as an occasional cigar smoker, I found it nauseating. The servers were wide-eyed, robotic, and soft-spoken. Fast forward to the other day, and the experience was a little bit different. The decor has changed, with a little more color and some pop. The service was friendly and helpful. The food also was a tad more memorable. For this review, I will toss my rather harsh opinion of vegans, the vegan lifestyle, and vegan politics aside. This write-up is about the restaurant, and only the restaurant.

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