Food & Spirits: Check Out My New Food Blog


For those of you who have enjoyed my Food & Spirits column here for the last year, I have good news: the posts will keep coming, but they will just be located in a different place. Yes, it was time to create a blog devoted entirely to food, rather than the potpourri of subjects I have had here on this blog. So please check out (and follow) my new venture, Eating New Jersey. The site is set up a bit differently. The blog can be accessed at the top of the homepage by simply clicking the “blog” tab. By becoming a subscriber, posts will be sent right to your inbox as soon as they are live.

Eating New Jersey will pretty much be the same exact thing as what I’ve done here. Restaurant reviews, product reviews, the occasional recipe, and travel tips. Though the focus is and was New Jersey, my food adventures in other states will also be covered. Gradually, I will be re-posting much of what was written here, with plenty of new content coming up shortly. Check it out!

As a side note, with October on the way, get ready for some horror movie reviews and ghost hunting adventures, which will be part of Halloween 2K16 right here on REEL TO REAL. 

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