“Don’t Go in the House” is out on Blu-Ray


As detailed earlier in the year, Don’t Go in the House is officially out on Blu-Ray via Scorpion Releasing. Things have been very cryptic lately with no news coming for months. Then Scorpion made a few posts on their Facebook page last week and voila, we have a release. Yesterday, December 5th is the official date. They are being kind enough to send me a free copy as well as one to keep on hand at the Strauss Mansion Museum, its filming location. We actually screened the film this past October and the event sold out. Like so sold out that we had people sitting on the floor and standing on the staircase in the foyer to catch a glimpse.


Earlier in the year, I worked with Scorpion on the special features you will see on the disc. The first is Don’t Go in the House…Again, a “Then and Now” documentary where a tour I give of the house is cut with scenes of the movie. The second is a separate video (Ghost Hunting in the Strauss Mansion) of me telling actual ghost stories from the museum. It wasn’t planned, but when I told the director/editor we had some real ghosts, he wanted to add it as another feature. I’ve seen these two videos already, and they came out really good.

This release is also special for another reason: it contains the original title of The Burning (which is more fitting if you ask anyone who has seen the film) and nine minutes of never-before-seen footage that was found when they went through the original negatives. How exciting is that? Nearly 40 years later and we get to see something new. One review is already in from Mondo Digital and they praised the restoration work, saying this is the best the film has ever looked and sounded.


And hey look! Yours truly even factored into their review: “Don’t Go in the House… Again takes you on a 10-minute tour of the Strauss Mansion, with Greg Caggiano from the Atlantic Highlands Historical Society covering the story behind the house from 1893 onward through its near demolition and current status as the Strauss Museum. Also a self-professed ghost hunter, Caggiano returns for Ghost Hunting in the Strauss Mansion, a 7-minute primer on the spooky incidents in the house including uncanny footsteps, closing doors, and other oddities, with one room in particular serving as a spirit central including a weird story about ‘stopping’ the ghost investigations.”

All in all, it was a lot of fun being asked to help with these two featurettes and I can’t wait for my copy to arrive. At the AHHS we have already discussed next year’s October festivities and we will be screening Don’t Go in the House for the second year in a row since it was so popular. There’s no better place to watch a horror movie than in the house it was filmed. Anyway, that’s it for now. Make sure you grab your copy now. They are going fast.

For more of my coverage on Don’t Go in the House, click here.

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