In Case You Noticed a New Alien Show on Destination America…


I have a love-hate relationship with alien/UFO shows on television. Some are credible and leave you pondering what is actually out there. Others make you want to grab a tin-foil helmet and lock yourself in the closet whilst sucking your thumb in a fetal position. Some of the old History Channel stuff was pretty good, such as UFO Files. Destination America even boasts Unsealed: Alien Files which can be a bit crazy but is actually entertaining. The show is only a half hour, so it’s over before you want to want to board the spaceship to Sinmorfitellia.

But there is now a “new” show on Destination America called Lost UFO Files. I caught an episode late one night. It seemed familiar, and also appeared to be a bit dated by its visual quality. It was then that I realized this show was not new at all. It was simply episodes from the 2004 series UFO Files I mentioned earlier, re-branded with the word “Lost” in front of them. Literally, the main title card had the extra word photo-shopped on in a font that was not even close (pictured above). I also noticed some of the audio did not match up with the video. Did they re-record the narration and overdub everything to make it their own? Or is the quality of the transfer just that poor?

This is the low point television has reached. Not even shows about aliens (to go along with the myriad of ghost and “Bigfoot” programming that has ensconced this channel for the last two years, most of it not credible). This is not the first time DA has done this. A few years ago, they started re-running the 2005 series Creepy Canada, re-branded for American audiences as Hauntings and Horrors. Only difference is, this show never did air in the USA (despite a majority of locations on this Canadian series taking place in this country), so at least it was something new. Even though I found most of the content to be unbelievable, as a paranormal investigator, I did enjoy the folklore aspects of the show.

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