Halloween 2K17: Buy a Haunted Doll, Help Hurricane Irma Relief

Okay, so let’s kick off Halloween 2K17 by dipping our hands into the bizarre: a “haunted doll” is for sale on one of Facebook’s many online yard sales. This one is located in Central New Jersey. I must admit, this is definitely a first. Both as a frequent browser in the group and eight years as a paranormal investigator, I’ve never seen such an item for sale in this manner. The seller is asking $500 for a creepy looking doll which just happens to give off high EMF levels. 

The investigator in me goes, “That’s interesting”. The skeptic laughs and ponders, “What the hell?”. The readings his device is recording in the picture are intriguing, but then again, it is a picture not a video. Perhaps there is something in the making of the doll that gives off those levels. Maybe it once talked or was mechanical. There are a lot of factors which can contribute to a false positive, but there really is not much to go on here. The listing itself is vague, and when asked if there are any stories connected to the doll, the seller responded, “There is a story but I can’t really confirm anything so I left it out.”

I don’t think anyone other than Zak Bagans, who now has a museum devoted to haunted artifacts (and a boatload of money at his disposal) would take a chance on this. As someone who works at a haunted museum myself, this would be an interesting conversation piece…but not at $500. It is kind of the seller to be donating 10% of the proceeds toward Hurricane Irma relief, putting an interesting spin on this already other-worldly sale. If I had to render a guess on if this will sell, I say “methinks not”. But definitely something worthwhile to kick off this blog’s Halloween column.

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