Movies in 2018

In 2015, I watched my 1,000th movie. Considering 2018 was a year of transition for me with a move, I still managed to see 108 movies with 53 of them being for the first time, bringing my lifetime total to 1,271 (according to my IMDB lists). Last year, there was a healthy mix of new and old. The first I viewed was Black Narcissus (1947) while the last was Double Indemnity (1944), on New Year’s Eve. In between were all kinds, mainly horror (58 of the 108), which included the new Halloween, Bird Box, and A Quiet Place. I still remain a fan of old movies, and those dominate my list. 

My writing concentration has centered on my food blog the last couple of years, but with me taking a short break for the new year, I am hoping to be putting up more movie reviews here. I have already watched a few in this new year including The Faculty (1998), Hostel (2005), and Titanic (1953). The first two of those being new to me. Of course, it is impossible to review every movie I see.

Goals for 2019 are these: I would like to surpass my 2018 total of 108, maybe getting to 150. Out of those 150, I would like 100 of them to be never-before-seen. How about you? What are your movie-watching “resolutions” for the new year?

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