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“Don’t Go in the House Again” (Scorpion Releasing, 2016)

As a historian and paranormal investigator, Greg Caggiano has an interesting taste in movies. He loves watching historical dramas with an eye for accuracy, as well as horror and science fiction. His reviews are listed below (he has seen over 1,100 movies; those are just the ones he reviewed). But Greg has also done some film work. It started by complete accident in 2011. While blogging about the extended director’s cut release of Gods and Generals, he was noticed by Warner Brothers and asked to enter into an editorial partnership. This entailed interviewing actors and covering the premiere of the film in Virginia. He then went on to work for director Ron Maxwell on the official website for his next film, Copperhead, which came out in 2013. He has since worked behind the scenes on two Civil War documentaries, The Battle of Shiloh (2012) and Called to Duty: The Civil War Training Camps of New Jersey(2016).

“The Battle of Shiloh”. (Brad Clark, 2012)

In his spare time, he co-produces and hosts a paranormal web-series Ghosts on the Coast, which has episodes featuring both raw footage of their investigations and mini documentaries. Greg also serves on the board of directors of the Atlantic Highlands Historical Society. It is housed at the Strauss Mansion Museum, which was used as the set for the 1979 cult classic exploitation horror movie Don’t Go in the House. For the 2016 Blu-Ray release of the film by Scorpion, Greg was filmed for two featurettes included on the disc: Ghost Hunting at the Strauss Mansion, and Don’t Go in the House Again, a then-and-now documentary of the film set.

At the Strauss Mansion after a screening of “Don’t Go in the House” in October 2016. Pictured left to right: Lou Fligor, Hunter Dillon, Greg Caggiano, Joanne Dellosso, and AHHS President Lynn Fylak.

Greg cites his favorite movies as being The Exorcist, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Amadeus, and The Wild Bunch. He has hosted several film screenings at the Strauss Mansion Museum, including a horror film series in the fall. In October of 2016, Greg along with his paranormal team and members of the AHHS screened Don’t Go in the House. The event sold out and was standing room only. He notes that there is no better way to watch a horror movie than on its actual set. The screening repeats every year and has become a tradition. Greg considers himself very lucky to be apart of such an organization.

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