Historic Strauss Mansion sits on elevated land in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, as a relic of Victorian splendor. Built in 1893 by wealthy merchant Adolf Strauss, it is the only Queen Anne style home open to the public in all of Monmouth County. There have been many owners and tenants over the years…do some still remain? In Ghost Hunting Confidential: Investigating Strauss Mansion, author and paranormal investigator Greg Caggiano explores the haunted history of this beautiful location by writing about his various experiences and investigations in the house over the last year, as well as past events experienced by workers. Beginning with a foreword by long-time board member Lou Fligor on the history of the house, the book goes through investigation reports, stories and chance happenings, as well as a review of ghost hunting methods and technology, and his perspective on the history and pop-culture of this exciting hobby. (Paperback; 60 pages; $10 + $5 S & H)

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Reviews of Ghost Hunting Confidential:

“Greg Caggiano‘s Ghost Hunting Confidential: Investigating Strauss Mansion is a great introduction to the world of paranormal investigation. No armchair enthusiast, Mr. Caggiano’s five years of hands-on (the spot) ghost hunting make the work an essential read for the true believer, or dye in the wool skeptic.”- Ned Huthmacher, author of One Domingo Morning

“Greg Caggiano offers a fascinating look into the art of ghost hunting, for novices and aficionados alike. Anyone who hasn’t visited the Strauss Mansion Museum will jump at the chance after reading this book!”- Kathleen Kinsolving, author of Dogs of War

“As a Christian and local resident I find the study of both local history and the paranormal intriguing. While I have never been fully convinced of deceased human spirits roaming as ghosts, historical locations do not appear to be without their share of spirit activity and a wealth of ghost stories. Ghost Hunting Confidential: Investigating Strauss Mansion is written from the author’s personal and professional experiences incorporating Atlantic Highlands history with a detailed history and explanation of paranormal investigations. If you are drawn to the allure of the Strauss Mansion, have ever looked at its peaks in wonder, felt the eyes of past residents upon you, then you will find this book to be compelling and will be unable to put it down – as I did.”- Mary Annthipie Bane, author of Confessions of a Church Hopper

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